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Sage Al Hikma Pest Control Services is known for its use of high-tech equipment and innovative solutions coupled with the best in class approved chemicals and control systems. Such a combination has always been very effective in pest control and thereby we can assure the quality of our service.

It is our pride that both the Residential and Commercial customers trust Ensure for our quality and dedicated pest control services in Dubai.

Commercial and residential pest control services

Don’t Have Time To Clean Your Place? Let’s Take Care Of It Today

Our residential deep cleaning includes complete house, villa, and apartment cleaning all around UAE.


A nightmare for every kitchen and those who work in it. They can cause huge hygiene issues if not dealt with properly. We can help you with that.


Certain types of ant bites can be really painful. And they can cause other irritations. We can make sure that they are gone for good.

Bed bugs

It is an infection that is very hard to get rid of. Don’t make it worse, we are here to help.


They contaminate more food than they eat. We can make them vanish.


They can be very annoying for people of all ages. We have a solution, like always.


They are big and they are dangerous. Let us deal with them without haste. Call us.


They are carriers of numerous diseases. Don’t risk it with mild repellants. We have an eco-friendly and professional solution.


Don’t let them take control of your premises. We are good at dealing with them.


They can scare you beyond imagination. Don’t let that experience linger on you. Call us.


It is not easy to get rid of them unless you do it the right way. We are a call away.


They are poisonous. Let us not risk it. We are here to help.


They can even threaten the structural integrity of your home. We can control them before it spreads.

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We provide the hassle-free cleaning service your home and office deserve. You can book a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis cleaning service with us.

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